The Kitty M. Perkins Foundation is interested in a broad spectrum of purposes.  However, in keeping with the wishes of the benefactor, the Foundation will attempt to satisfy needs and requests as possible which are received from within the State of Nebraska, particularly the Southwestern portion of that State from which the benefactor came.  Consideration will also be given to worthy charities in the area of Chicago, Illinois.  Applications for medical and educational purposes will receive priority.  The Foundation will award grants on a one year basis only.  The Foundation will continually review its areas of interest and may make exceptions to its general policies as desired by the Board of Directors.
While not a prerequisite for submitting a grant application, applicants are encouraged to develop other sources of support for a particular project or program.  It is a positive factor signifying an applicant’s commitment.
Applications may be received throughout the year with awards being made generally in the last quarter of the year.  All commitments are made by the Board of Directors.  Personal interviews are not necessary prior to submission of the grant application.  If the application is found to be consistent with the interests and policies of the Foundation, the Board may desire to arrange a personal interview.
Kitty and Edwin
The objective of the Kitty M. Perkins Foundation is to provide charitable gifts to worthy tax-exempt organizations involving religious, charitable, scientific, literary, artistic, or educational purposes exclusively.  Grants may also be made to an eligible state or political subdivision thereof if the grant is made exclusively for public purposes.
Grants will be made only to such organizations that are tax exempt as defined in Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and which are not private foundations as defined in Section 509 of the Code.
Policies of the Foundation